Mincemeat, marzipan & apple tarte fine


Serve this festive French-inspired mincemeat, marzipan and apple tarte with crème fraîche to cut through the sweetness. It’s a fabulous Christmas dessert Nutrition: Per serving Nutrient Unit kcal 231 fat 11g saturates 5g carbs 29g sugars 21g fibre 2g protein 3g salt 0.3g Ingredients 320g sheet ready-rolled puff pastry 5 tbsp mincemeat (check it’s vegetarian, … Read more

Filo-wrapped feta with spiced honey


Georgina Hayden’s easy filo-wrapped feta is a guaranteed crowdpleaser. The golden cheese is drizzled with spiced honey and sprinkled with thyme to serve. “The energy you use to make this filo-wrapped feta and the pleasure you get from eating it are not equal,” says Georgina. “It is the easiest thing to prepare and will pretty … Read more

Honey flapjacks


A simple flapjack is the perfect vehicle for showcasing the complex floral flavours of a good-quality honey. These classic flapjacks are the perfect vehicle for extras like dark chocolate chips, chopped nuts or dried fruit. Have you tried our salted honey loaf cake? Nutrition: Per serving (for 16) Calories: 287kcals Fat: 15g (8.6g saturated) Protein: … Read more

Salted honey tart


Creamy set honey gives this tart a pleasingly dense but smooth texture. It’s infused with flaky salt to open your palate and balance the sweetness. Think treacle tart but far more floral and flavoursome. Honey is also the star in this salted honey loaf cake with hazelnut brittle. Nutrition: Per serving Calories; 617kcals Fat: 38g … Read more

Halloumi with garlic and rosemary fermented honey Halloumi with garlic and rosemary fermented honey

Halloumi with garlic and rosemary fermented honeym Have you ever tried fermented honey? Adding garlic and herbs to raw honey introduces just enough moisture to activate fermentation, which leaves you with a slightly tangy, flavour-packed drizzly honey. It’s wonderful with lightly charred halloumi, as the sweetness balances the salty cheese. Honey is such a versatile … Read more